Engineering company

Providing companies, hotels and hospitals at the highest level, various products suitable for everyone.

Our products

We offer you many different products in engineering equipment that suit companies, factories, hotels, hospitals and homes as well

Hand dryers

The best Hand Dryers from the Engineering Equipment Company, a European manufacturer with high quality, and the largest brands are LOSDI and Kenway

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Rubbish Bins

Rubbish Bins of various sizes and shapes for companies, hotels, restaurants, and for villas as well

Cleaning Machines

The best Cleaning Machines from the engineering company for equipment, car washing, floor cleaning and disc cleaning

Dust Bins

A large assortment of garbage and extinguishers baskets of various shapes and types to suit all tastes and places


The best group of cleaning trolleys. Laundry trolleys. Trolling service trollies. Interior supervision trollies

Recycling Bins

Various assortment of garbage recycling bins for glass, metal, paper and food

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools and equipment from the Engineering Equipment and Cleaning Company, the best cleaning tools for floors and windows

Soap Dispenser

Bath soaps are one of the best types of soaps in terms of materials and shape, suitable for bathrooms and kitchens

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Vacuum Cleaner Machine

Industrial brooms, cleaning and suction of water and soil of various shapes, German industry

Paper Dispenser

Bathroom papers are the best selection of papers of different shapes, types and sizes for use in bathrooms or kitchens

Bath Accessories

The best collection of bathroom accessories to suit all tastes and general uses of hotel and restaurant fittings

Shoe Shine Machines

Shoe polishing machines for hotels and public places

Hotel supply equipment

We provide hotel supplies such as trolleys, sheets, dryers, cleaning machines, cleaning tools, cleaning trolls, internal supervision trolls and laundry trolls.


Corporate equipment

Providing companies and institutions with all the supplies and hygiene equipment that each company needs. A large variety of pans, sheets, hand dryers, baskets and cleaning trolls.


Factory fixtures

Factory equipment of cleaning equipment and cleaning machines We provide you with many different products that every manufacturer needs in the equipment related to cleaning, bathroom accessories, dryers, papers and street sweepers

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The Engineering Equipment Company offers you various products for equipping hotels, companies, hospitals and cafes.

Hand dryers – soaps – sheets – bathroom accessories – cleaning machines – brooms – litter boxes – recycling baskets – baskets and extinguishers – shoe polishing machines

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Hand dryers 2021

Hand dryers from the engineering company We have the best selection of different hand dryers from Losdi
With different materials and a variety of hand dryer for companies and restaurants, as hand dryers have become very important in 2021 and indispensable.
Bathroom hand dryers – hand dryer – air dryer – dryer – stainless steel

A large assortment of hand dryers meets all the needs of restaurants, hotels, companies and cafes. We have many hand dryers such as

Losdi dryer, stainless steel mattLosdi dryer is bright stainless steel And many different hand dryers

Trolleys 2021

The best selection of different cleaning trolleys, service trolleys, laundry trolleys, warehouse trolleys, internal supervision trolleys, and restaurant trolleys
From the engineering equipment company that owns the best multi-purpose and multi-use trolley products with high raw materials, made in Italy and in Turkey.
From the engineering equipment company, join the trolley products, a new and large variety of trolleys that are used in many places such as hospitals, schools, factories, companies, and public and private places. We offer you the best trolleys in Egypt.

Bath accessories 2021

Bathroom accessories, the best materials, the best engineering supplies, the best bathroom accessories 2021, copper, chrome, and elastane accessories
We offer you many different products, hotel and restaurant equipment at the highest level
We have many bathroom accessories, global products for bathroom accessories, including towels, sheets, bathrobe holders, soap holders and many more products.
There are also many types, such as copper, golden, and Chrome

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